Leak repair

Leak Repairs

Leak repairs is no problem at Integ plumbers, we identify leaks and fix them properly. Years of experience have taught us the best possible ways of located and repairing leaks. Call Integ plumbers for all your leak repairs.

Water leak

A leaking water pipe in your home can also add up to serious waste. A small hole in a pipe wastes 280,000 liters of water in a three-month period. A toilet that continually leaks water into the bowel can also harm the monthly budget.

Types of leaks

Toilet cistern leaking water back into toilet bowel. This is the most common leak. Water leaking back into the toilet bowel is often not a concern for many because there is no obvious sign of a leak such as water on a floor, but this poses a rather expensive problem. The problem with this water leak is either the seals and washers within the fill valve, or the seal between the cistern and toilet bowel. This is a easy and cheap repair and should not take more than 20 minutes.

Dripping tap. A dripping tap is also a very common water leak.  Nine out of ten times it is due to a worn tap washer.

Water pipe leaks. Water leaks from pipes occur when the pipe has perished in a certain place and high water pressure causes water to eventually leak. Water pipes come in three different kinds of materials, copper, galvanized iron and plastic. At Integ plumbers we repair pipes that are old and replace them correctly with new pipes.



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