Blocked Drains

Blocked drains occur when there is a obstruction in the 110mm or 50mm PVC pipe that feeds from your home or building to a septic tank or municipal sewer line. At Integ plumbers, we have years of experience and are experts in unblocking drains and waste pipes. We look for the root cause, which ironically are usually roots, and using the right tools we cut through the problem until the pipes are free from any obstruction. If there is a defect in the pipe, we dig it up and replace that part of the pipe which is necessary. Blocked drains are inconvenient problems is not repaired immediately. Call Integ Plumbers to come and open your blocked drain.


As shown from the graphs above, blocked drains are usually a result of foreign blockages such as roots or items thrown down the toilet, or they are caused by defects in the pipe. When digging up a blocked drain line it is important to take great care so that you do not damage the pipes that are below ground. A blocked drain pipe can also cause a bad smell to form in your garden or bathroom. The blockage rots and can then be hazardous to ones health. After a blocked drain or pipe has been cleared it is important to flush the pipe with hot water. This will cause sludge left by the blockage to rinse away into the main sewer line.

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